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CFO Connect brings together experienced finance professionals to learn, exchange, and build meaningful connections both online & offline through events, expert resources, and curated networking opportunities.

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What members are saying 

  • Urszula Lupienska

    I joined CFO Connect because senior finance roles can sometimes be quite lonely. It’s good to know I can lean on other finance leaders from the community.

    Urszula Lupienska

    Financial Controller, Huckletree

  • Aaron Townsend

    Being part of CFO Connect has been really helpful, to learn from people in similar positions and for the networking opportunity it provides.

    Aaron Townsend

    Financial Controller, Habito

  • Mark Pocock

    I love the international reach of this group, and being able to tap into such a vast and impressive network of fellow CFOs.

    Mark Pocock

    CFO, SwipeClock

  • Catherine Birkett, CFO at GoCardless

    Communities like CFO Connect offer a great opportunity to learn more about trends and new ways of doing things in finance.

    Catherine Birkett

    CFO, GoCardless

  • Dan Wywrot

    Finance and accounting networking groups geared towards high-growth organizations are a fantastic way to learn from our peers, to continue to progress and grow.

    Dan Wywrot

    Director of Finance,

  • Joyce Mackenzie Liu

    There's a lot of value in creating a strong community around finance leaders, who are often the only individual dedicated to their resource-constrained function within their business.

    Joyce Mackenzie Liu

    Founder, Pegafund

  • Julien Veyrac

    I like that there's a people component & a tools component to CFO Connect — you can see which topics CFOs are working through around the world.

    Julien Veyrac

    Global Controller, St-Gobain

Our members include finance leaders from fast-growing companies like:

CFO Connect speakers

  • Charles Fouchault
    Charles Fouchault Lydia
  • Thibault Remy
    Thibault Remy MeilleursAgents
  • eleonore-crespo-indexventures
    Eleonore Crespo Index Ventures
  • Patrick Foster
    Patrick Foster Getaround
  • Huw Slater
    Huw Slater TravelPerk
  • Elodie
    Elodie Hadjidakis Habiteo
  • Eduard Ros
    Eduard Ros Glovo
  • Benjamin Bitton
    Benjamin Bitton 2CFinance
  • Catherine Birkett
    Catherine Birkett GoCardless
  • peter-jaud
    Peter Jaud Factory
  • Chris Bourdeu
    Chris Bourdeu Meero
  • Urszula Lupienska
    Urszula Lupienska Huckletree
  • Antoine doctolib
    Antoine Carrere Doctolib
  • florent artaud
    Florent Artaud Ekwity
  • jean baptiste cousin
    Jean Baptiste Cousin Smash Group
  • jonathan sarfati
    Jonathan Sarfati Stuart
  • Romain Bichet
    Romain Bichet Aircall
  • Philippe Platon
    Philippe Platon PerfectStay
  • Tom-Libbrecht
    Tom Libbrecht Silverfin
  • Fabien Dawidowicz
    Fabien Dawidowicz Spendesk
  • markusharder
    Markus Harder Contentful
  • Sébastien Delétang
    Sébastien Delétang Ringover
  • Mikail-Ege
    Mikail Ege
  • Raphaël Fauveau
    Raphaël Fauveau Digimind
  • sebastien-ledent-mazars
    Sebastien Ledent Mazars
  • benoit bec
    Benoit Bec Arsene Taxand
  • Juan Carlos Rovira Ventin
    Juan Carlos Rovira Ventin Badi
  • Charles tenot
    Charles Tenot Chief Business Officer, Skello
  • Fabian Wesemann
    Fabian Wesemann Wefox
  • Niels Boon
    Niels Boon Ada Health
  • Julian Lange, CFO Upvest
    Julian Lange Aiven
  • Florence Lampe
    Florence Lampe Campanda