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CFO Connect brings together experienced finance professionals to learn, exchange, and build meaningful connections both online & offline through events, expert resources, and curated networking opportunities.

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What members are saying 

  • Sergei Galperin

    In good times, a community for finance leaders like CFO Connect is invaluable. In times of stress and volatility, it becomes indispensable.

    Sergei Galperin

    CFO, Alan

  • Taylor Otstot, VP Finance at Dashlane

    I joined CFO Connect because senior finance roles can be isolating. It's comforting to have a network of fellow finance leaders I can depend on for support and exchange ideas with.

    Taylor Otstot

    VP Finance, Dashlane

  • Vulnavia Gura, CFO at The Student Hub Online

    I love the fact that I am shaping the future of the profession within CFO Connect, a hub of vibrant finance leaders.

    Vulnavia Gura

    CFO, TheStudentHub Online

  • Joyce Mackenzie Liu

    There's a lot of value in creating a strong community around finance leaders, who are often the only individual dedicated to their resource-constrained function within their business.

    Joyce Mackenzie Liu

    Founder, Pegafund

  • Joaquim de sa Alves, VP Finance at Contentsquare

    CFO Connect prioritizes the human side of finance - building relationships, sharing knowledge, and learning from peers. It’s a priceless community.

    Joaquim de sa Alves

    VP Finance, Contentsquare

  •  Saoirse Fahey, CFO EMEA at Stripe

    My favorite part of CFO Connect is the opportunity to hear from finance leaders around the world. The numbers may be the same, but the different perspectives enrich the experience.

    Saoirse Fahey

    CFO EMEA, Stripe

Our members include finance leaders from world-class companies like:

CFO Connect speakers

  • Anabelle Lorbois
    Anabelle Lorbois CFO, PayFit
  • Charly Kevers
    Charly Kevers CFO, Carta
  • peter-jaud
    Dan Zhang CFO, ClickUp
  • Roy Hefer
    Roy Hefer CFO, TravelPerk
  • Lili Peng
    Lili Peng VP Finance, Loom
  • Clément Petit
    Clément Petit CFO, Back Market
  • Alka Tandan
    Alka Tandan CFO, Gainsight
  • Julien Lafouge
    Julien Lafouge CFO, Spendesk
  • Saoirse Fahey
    Saoirse Fahey EMEA CFO, Stripe
  • Ian Schnoor
    Ian Schnoor Financial Modeling Institute
  • Sergei Galperin
    Sergei Galperin CFO, Alan
  • Hannah Seal
    Hannah Seal Partner, Index Ventures
  • Quentin Ricomard
    Quentin Ricomard VP Finance, Ledger
  • Philippe Bouaziz
    Philippe Bouaziz CFO, Deel
  • eleonore-crespo-indexventures
    Eleonore Crespo Co-CEO, Pigment
  • Taylor Otstot
    Taylor Otstot VP Finance, Dashlane
  • Rob Goldenberg
    Rob Goldenberg CFO, 6sense
  • Michael Kuntz
    Michael Kuntz CFO, Pitch
  • Vulnavia Gura
    Vulnavia Gura CFO, The Student Hub Online
  • Joaquim de sa Alves, VP Finance at Contentsquare
    Joaquim de sa Alves VP Finance, Contensquare
  • Nitesh Sharan
    Nitesh Sharan CFO, SoundHound
  • Paul Mondollot
    Paul Mondollot VP, Financial Planning, Aircall
  • Landon Cortenbach
    Landon Cortenbach CFO, MSH
  • Niels Boon
    Niels Boon CFO, Zenjob
  • Julian Lange, CFO Upvest
    Julian Lange CFO, UpVest